01 June 2009

MJH: loves herself a little too much

Man, Melissa Joan Hart can't seem to get enough of herself. She has now resorted to posting about her weight loss on her MySpace Blog.

Apparently, People mag forgot to mention the most important part of her post-baby weight loss:

"Hi all, Just want to explain a little more about things discussed within the People article. While the article is correct and properly quoted, I want to point out that I naturally have a small-frame body, being only 5'2" tall, so 155 pounds was an unhealthy weight for me, even with a baby. My "normal" healthy weight should remain under 120 lbs. More importantly, what was left out of the article was my body fat percentage, which is currently just under 18%, which I am extremely proud of right now. I am also fitting into my size 27 jeans. Stepping on a scale means nothing to me since muscle weighs more than fat. What matters is how I feel on a day-to-day basis. Thats it, just wanted to get that off my chest."

Um, narcissism much?

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