27 June 2009

Plaster foetuses: creepy and weird.

Could pregnancy get any more ridiculous? First it was entertainment ultrasounds set to lullably music. Then it was the Bebescope Ultrasound Belt (sounds like a machine from the future, if you ask me). Now some Brazilian designer has come up with a way to produce life-size plaster models of foetuses from 3D ultrasound scans. Stuart Campbell, head of obstetrics and gynaecology at King’s College London says he wants to use the models to help women who are having trouble bonding with their unborn.

First of all, ew. Second of all, how many more ways can we possibly make women feel guilty for not feeling bonded to a foetus or for even considering the thought of having an abortion. Aside from its potential 'entertainment' purposes (women get to see how big their foetus is at any stage of development with the plaster model), this is just another feather in the hat from the pro-life lobby.

What's next? Plaster models of foetuses that talk?

'Mummy, don't eat that slice of cake or I'll be obese by the age of 3.'

'Put that glass of wine down. Are you trying to kill me?'

'Do you really think horizontal stripes are a good idea'.

Again. Seeing the future. NOT. GOOD.

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The Panic Room said...

I love your blog. My wife and I have really enjoyed it very much and so while we were sitting here discussing all the hilarious things our little plaster fetus would say to us, we wanted to thank you for such a great blog.

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