10 July 2009

Encapsulate your placenta

I'm baaaaaack!

What better way to herald my return to blogland than a post about placenta. Eating placenta, that is. I've written a bit about placenta eating already. This week in Time, however, Joel Stein revisits his first experiences with his wife's placenta in Time.

The most fascinating part of his story is not that his wife wanted to eat her placenta. Apparently, for $275 you can get someone to come to your house and cook up your placenta, "freeze-dry it and turn it into capsules to help ward off postpartum depression and increase milk supply". The 'placenta pills' are presented in a glass jar with a card, a CD of lullabies and a satin pouch housing part your child's umbilical cord, fashioned into a heart.

I haven't been able to find the service that Joel Stein and his wife used but I did find a number of 'placenta encapsulation services' like this one and this one or this one. I never knew such a thing existed. Most of these services charge about $200 for processing and encapsulating your placenta. But seriously, you might as well just do it yourself for $75 with a placenta encapsulation kit.

Yay or nay?


Mrs OMG Pregnant said...

nay nay nay nay nay!

I sound like a horse!

Anonymous said...

My midwife's assistand does this for their clientele.

Anonymous said...

Don't knock it if you never tried it...I used my placenta (in capsules) after my second child. Amazing..tons of milk, zero depression, and best of all I can use it for my menopause.

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