13 July 2009

Grin and bear it, ladies: pain is supposed to be positive

Apparently, women today aren't as stoic as their ancestors when it comes to pain in childbirth.

Dr Denis Walsh, a senior midwife and associate professor in midwifery at Nottingham University, said: "A large number of women want to avoid pain. Some just don't fancy the pain [of childbirth]. More women should be prepared to withstand pain."

"Over recent decades there has been a loss of 'rites of passage' meaning to childbirth, so that pain and stress are viewed negatively," he added, arguing that patients should be told labour pain is a timeless component of the "rites of passage" transition to motherhood.

Now, while I think that in certain contexts epidurals are sometimes overused, why on earth should women suffer through pain if they don't have to? Does it make you a better mother?


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