28 July 2009

Pregalates comes to The Baby Bump Project

Hold on to your hats everyone...

The Baby Bump Project is proud to announce a partnership with Pregalates

Pregalates is the name given to series of world-first, trimester specific workouts devised, filmed and led by Tasha Lawton, widely known around the traps here in Australia and the UK as something of a pilates guru. Tash is a highly experienced pilates instructor, TV presenter and writer in the field of pregnancy exercise, health and wellbeing. She honed her pilates skills in Melbourne and filmed the DVDs when she was pregnant. She has appeared in national media in Australia and the UK. Tash has written exclusively for Midwives Online, appeared on television (most recently 9am with David and Kim), radio and has worked extensively with professional athletes.

I am absolutely chuffed to have Tash on board with The Baby Bump Project to bring her depth of experience to you, my lovely readers.

So what does this mean?

1) Tasha will be writing a monthly exercise column providing tips and support for exercise in pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. We are keen for you to write to Tash with your questions and hopefully with each column Tash can answer your queries. Drop Tasha a line at tasha[at]pregalates.com

2) As each of Tash's column will be chock full of useful information, you, dear reader, have the opportunity to WIN one of Tash's fantastic pregalates DVDs just by reading her post.


After each column, Tash will include a question at the end of her post. The answer can be found in her column. The first reader that responds with the correct answer and emails me at babybumpproject[at]yahoo.com.au WINS.

Is there a catch?

1) The only provision of the contest is that in addition to being the first reader to answer the question correctly you also MUST be a FAN of both THE BABY BUMP PROJECT and PREGALATES on Facebook.

What if you don't win?

Have no fear. Even if you don't win, Tash is offering The Baby Bump Project readers a very special offer: an EXCLUSIVE 15% discount when you order online. Just enter the discount code: BBP0001.

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