11 August 2009

Angie's milk bar creepily immortalised

Straight from the man who brought you a sculpture of Britney Spears sprawled out on a rug on all fours giving birth to Sean Preston while holding a lion's head and Suri Cruises' bronzed baby poop, New York-based artist Daniel Edwards has decided to commemorate Angelina Jolie's tandem feeding in bronze based on her W magazine breastfeeding cover from last year.

The piece is called 'Landmark for Breastfeeding' and is meant to sit on a park bench. Edwards has depicted one of the babies to be of African descent in light of Brangelina's adoption efforts and humanitarian work.

"Hopefully, my sculpture inspires an increase of wetnurses to assist women who have concerns about mastitis, or passing HIV to their infant," he says of his vision for the creation.

Very deep. *rolls eyes*

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