01 August 2009

Ma Mere and Baby Bump Project caption contest

Just when you thought that you couldn't possibly love The Baby Bump Project any more, lo and behold, I entice you with some more fun and frivolity.

Thanks to a fantastic new partnership with Ma Mere, an Australian online maternity lingerie store, my dear readers, you have the chance to win this gorgeous Blossom Gift Set (RRP $159).

What's the deal?
-All you have to do is caption the above photo. What is the pregnant model thinking and who wields power tools in their undies? The cleverest caption received between 1 August (today) and 11:59pm (UTC/GMT +10 hours) on 31 August will win the Blossom Gift set.

Is there a catch?
-In order for your entry to be eligible, you must be a fan of both The Baby Bump Project and Ma Mere on Facebook. Just type in each name in the search box on your Facebook home page and become a fan!

So what are you waiting for? Go forth and caption!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Okay here goes:

Men have only one use... and it aint playing with power tools!

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