04 August 2009

Breastfeeding baby doll

Oh man. Goodbye Barbie, Hello 'Glutton Baby' (Bebe Gloton, in Spanish).

Now it's no longer good enough for children to pretend to play house with a baby doll: children can now have a doll that they can breastfeed (and I assume this is targeted at little girls). The child wears a bra-like halter-top with daisies over the nipple area. When the doll is lifted to the flowers, it makes a suckling motion and sound.

Um...I don't know...The doll is supposed to spread the message that breastfeeding is natural...I can't help thinking that the daisies on the halter top look like pasties.


Anonymous said...

Eeeewwwwww - that doesnt appeal to me at all! Why would you buy your child that? Or am I missing something?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mrs OMG Pregnant....there is something seriously wrong with this!!! What is wrong with people these days!

Miss. Hampton said...

I can't belive that people will even consider making such a doll. I understand that breastfeeding is benificial than to bottles, but pretending to have a young child to breastfeed is ridiculous. We, as woman, will later in life learn to breastfeed our child. We don't need our children to know and to pretend how to breastfeed.
Hopefully it will stay in Spain and won't sell well here in the US.

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