16 August 2009

For the mother (I mean baby) that has everything.

Nothing says 'ostentatious' like this ultimate statement in the commodification of babyhood: The Juicy Couture pram.

Dubbed 'royalty on wheels' (*excuse me while I vomit*), for nearly AU $800, not only do you get a pram that is 'ergonomically optimised' with 'foam insulated handles' and four seat positions, you get an all-terrain vehicle that is decorated in a nauseating shade of Pepto-Bismol pink. But wait! There's more!

Your $800 is well spent because you also have the option of a 'faux fur footmuff''. WTF is a footmuff? You even get a 'customisable luggage tag'. What better way
for the label-obsessed yummy mummy to say 'My child is an accessory'.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I saw this in the Trafford Centre in Manchester recently, we did all gaze in wonder at it. IMHO it's vile!

And footmuffs come with standard ones too... those of us with baby's due in winter need them to keep our little ones nice and warm!

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