25 April 2009

Heidi Klum: on growing the 4th spawn

Heidi Klum dishes on her fourth baby with Us magazine this week. Highlights below:

Did you sense you were pregnant?
“Yeah, I kind of knew. You feel your body change and I’ve done it three times before. Then I got the proof from the doctor and it was wonderful.* Seal had the biggest smile. He said, ‘Here we go, one more time!’ Because all this time, we’ve said, ‘Okay, one more and that’s it.’ We said that after Leni and Henry. When Johan was born, I still didn’t feel like I was done. When we looked around the table, it was like one person was missing. So we’ve been, you know, having fun as a couple. And that’s how No. 4 came about. But that will be it.

*I find this interesting...why is it that when women know that they are pregnant, they insist on having a test from the doctor? Why isn't experience proof enough?

Do you like being pregnant?
“I do. It’s the most wonderful thing that your body goes through. It’s producing another human being! What a miracle. It’s never boring. Not old hat like, ‘Oh, I’ve done it three times.’ Every time is a new first time and I love it. Then the birth is just an amazing experience.”

What about losing the baby weight?“I honestly don’t think, ‘Oh, my God, when I get bigger, what am I going to do with the weight after?’ People write crazy things about me, like I put vinegar on salad leaves so I have no appetite. It’s not true! I trust my body. My stomach can stretch out to the most enormous place, then it goes back with exercise and eating right. I have good eating habits. Being a model, I had to learn and change my lifestyle. In Germany, a lot of the food that we ate wasn’t healthy. A lot of things are fried with creamy sauces. But I’ve been very healthy over the last 12, 13 years. Besides, my husband always says that I’m sexy as I am. That’s what I care most about.”

Will you return to the Victoria’s Secret Runway? “I don’t know. The birth will be very, very close to when the show is [in November]. I don’t know if I’ll be able to walk in my underwear quite that fast! We’ll see.”

Do you have help?
“We do have three nannies, two on at a time.* They are a part of our family. It’s not like the staff is in a different place and we can’t be seen together! We eat together and watch TV together.

*Of course.......

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