30 April 2009

SJP is having twins!


Apparently, Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick have just announced that they are expecting twin girls through a surrogate this summer. This is crazy!

How interesting! No details have been released surrounded the circumstances of the surrogacy arrangement however, considering SJP is 44 and currently working on the SATC sequel and has 3 other films in pre-production, my guess is that she decided she didn't have the time to be pregnant. I think this is truly a defining moment in the problematics surrounding work/life balance for women in the new millennium. I doubt that SJP thought that she was 'too old' to get pregnant because why then, would she consider having twins at the age of 44. Considering her body is such a defining feature of her work and she clearly works constantly, it again, makes me a little sad if she thought she didn't have enough time to have another baby (or babies) because of her career. Surely, she has enough industry power to stop and start her career whenever she chooses?! Forget IVF. Is surrogacy the answer to the women's movement?


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Anonymous said...

SJP is quite petite, so she may have known that pregnancy (especially with multiples) would be physically difficult for her. Pregnancy is very, very hard on some women. She may have other health concerns, as well. We don't know, and frankly it's none of our business.

As for the idea of women using surrogates because they simply don't want to endure pregnancy, I think it's fine. There are many women who have an easier time with the process, and would find the prospect of earning some extra cash appealing. As long as these women are volunteers, under no duress, and are compensated in a manner that they deem fair, why not?

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