21 April 2009

Totally Tori: dieting sucks (duh!)

Tori, seriously. You are taking over my life!

In one of her typical moments of profundity, Tori had an epiphany at the offices of Us Magazine, realising like every other woman in the developed world that 'It sucks to diet and exercise'.

My god. And she's also a raging hypocrite: "I read all the magazines -- I know how all the actresses look great weeks after having a baby, and that doesn't happen [to me].

Um, Tor? Did you forget that you lost 22lbs (10kg) 4 months after your first birth and then lost all of the baby weight by 7 months (40lbs)?

So you say there was less pressure with your second baby? "The pressure came off. The weight came off a lot quicker when I wasn't like, 'Oh, I have to follow this diet regime!' It was just easier doing it the natural way," continued Spelling.

Um, Tor? Did you forget that you stopped breastfeeding Stella 3.5 months after she was born so you could start to diet? Since when is denying your baby the boob so you can lose weight 'natural'?

For shame.

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Anonymous said...

Oh. Good keep it up

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