11 April 2009

OctoMom and her brood on the tube

'OctoMom', Nadya Suleman is in the process of negotiating a reality tv series following she and her brood of 14 around as a way to pay her ever-growing bills (allegedly her formula bill is $2000 per month). Considering Crazy has already fired the free help she was generously provided with and is receiving donations on her website, the fact that she is now trying to sell herself and her children for her own poor decisions is pretty appalling. I don't know about you, but I have no interest in seeing Octo "dating, taking the kids to birthday parties, learning how to drive a 14-person van" as her lawyer has explained in defense of the reality tv bid.

Babies need to be looked after. They don't need to be on television.

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1 comment:

Craving Cinnabon said...

oh god that woman pisses me off, those kids should be taken away from her. On another note it scares me that the hospital would release babies that are barely 5 pounds, isnt that kinda of dangerous?

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