10 April 2009

Placenta: it's what's for dinner.

I Ate My Baby's Placenta. Need I say more?

See more images and stories at Mom Logic. Anyone out there with a good placenta story?

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Nicki said...

Hi, no we haven't met (yet) but I saw an article about you and The Baby Bump Project in The Age a couple of months ago and got inspired to try this bloggin thing out. Your research looks really interesting (and seems to correlate so much with what I would like to do!!) I'm only a newbie to this phd thing - just started this year - but would love to have a chat sometime in the future, maybe get a copy of your phd to read? (Monash doesn't have one yet). If you are interested, that would be great, otherwise I hope you don't mind me following your blog - its such a great way to archive and I really enjoy reading yours =)

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