22 September 2011

New research project!!!

Oh it has been such a long time since I've posted here...but let me tell you, I have been a busy little bee. Now, that I've finally gotten my self sorted out I can tell you about an exciting new research project that I am starting. Basically, I am looking for pregnant women in Hobart, Tasmania.

I am looking for participants who are willing to share their experiences as pregnant women. If you are 18-50 years old and pregnancy (approx. 3-4 months or 12-16 weeks), I would like to invite you to take part in a research project that would involve taking photographs of yourself and your life during pregnancy/postpartum (digital camera provided) and then talking about the photograph you have taken in a series of interviews.

If you live in Hobart and this sounds good to you...please get in touch.


15 April 2011

Mariah: the pregnant oversharer

There is a point when sharing every morsel of information about your pregnancy is too much information. Case in point: Mariah Carey. She has posed on 2 magazine covers naked and pregnant, posts incessantly on Twitter and has broadcast the intimate details of every aspect of pregnancy and her relationship with her husband for the world since the first announcement of the pregnancy. I'm over it. Just on her website, her 'team' has posted that her fans can choose her twin babies' first outfit.

While social media has it's benefits, you wonder why some of these celebs are constantly posting. Is it the fear of being alone? Are they comforted by knowing that someone, somewhere in the world will be there reading their thoughts? I wonder why Mariah doesn't want to keep some of this to herself. Sure she gets paid for all of the magazine covers but when you have the media in your face all of the time, wouldn't you want to have just this one thing that you can have that's just for you?

Tori S. preggers

So no one could be more excited than me about Tori Spelling's announcement of her third pregnancy! I followed her first two pregnancies and now I have a third opportunity to make fun of follow her incessant whingeing insightful thoughts about weight loss and dieting. She debuted her new bump on EXTRA this week after announcing her little bun in the oven on Twitter. According to the Chicago Tribune, Tori surprised her husband Dean with the news: “I wrapped up the pregnancy test in a box and bow and gave it to Dean as his Valentine’s Day gift,” she tells People. “He was beyond surprised.”


21 March 2011

Ryan Phillippe/Alexis Knapp debacle

Rage: So the word is that Ryan Phillipe's ex, Alexis Knapp is pregnant with his child. What annoys me is that everyone has been writing about this woman as though she is trying to con Phillipe into giving her money/support. A recent headline from US read that she 'blindsided' him with news of the pregnancy. She is saying she doesn't want any help from him. She's happy to be pregnant and just thought he should know. I love how it's the woman that gets judged for getting knocked up while men get treated as though they really didn't think that having sex would potentially lead to a pregnancy. PUHLEASE!

Food for thought!

A Breakdown on Birth
Via: Ultrasound Technician

07 March 2011

Kourtney Kardashian loves breastfeeding

For once in a blue moon, this post is devoted to saying how great Kourtney Kardashian is for revealing that she breastfed her baby Mason for 15 months before weaning him. The Daily Mail reports that she wrote:

Kourtney wrote: 'My love affair with breast feeding has come to a sad end.

'I seriously could cry just thinking about it being over. I love what a beautiful experience I had with my son and just wanted to share it.'

She says she gained 5lbs since stopping breastfeeding.

When did you wean your baby?

02 March 2011

Eva Herzigova bares all

Oh my! Eva Herzigova, 37, features on the April cover of Bazaar, 7 months pregnant with her second child. She reflects on motherhood the second time around:

"Being pregnant is less about being sexy than being sensual. You feel very feminine. There are all these special hormonal enhancements.

"You really blossom, especially in the first three months: my skin and my hair were in great condition; my breasts were like 'wow'; it was like I'd had a facelift and breast-enhancement surgery. It's amazing refinding the body that you used to have in your twenties."

25 February 2011

Breast milk arrives in a cone

It doesn't take much for retailers to try and cash in on motherhood.

A London restaurant, the Icecreamists, is now selling 'Baby Gaga', or breastmilk ice cream.

According to the Daily Mail, the ice cream is served by a waitress dressed up as Lady Gaga.

British mums were asked to donate breastmilk online. If you want to try the ice cream, save up, because it's going to set you back about $22.

Wouldn't all of this donated breastmilk be put to better use if it was donated to actual babies? And shouldn't the restaurant consider donating a portion of the very hefty proceeds from this ridiculous product to a breastmilk bank?

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