06 February 2008

Christina Aguilera's post-baby body

Just three weeks since the 'birth' (that was mean, an elective caesar is still a birth *sigh*) of her son, Max, Christina Aguilera has stepped out in all of her bleached blonde glory to launch her new DVD in West Hollywood. Considering a caesar usually requires about 6 weeks of recovery, she is either doing really well or truly suffering for her 'art'. It must be nice to have a driver, a nanny (or six) and an entourage of people to feed, clothe and make her up.

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Mommybody said...

I'm glad Christina isn't hiding out from the world until she's super skinny again. It's good to let people see what the body is like for most women after they give birth. She looks great (regarding her size), but she should consider a new stylist. That outfit is awful. Maybe she's still wearing maternity clothes. If so, I guess that's realistic too.

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