13 February 2008

'Girlie Gowns' have landed

Argh. Just when I bagged J.Lo for having custom-made hospital gowns, some clever woman is now capitalising on the trend by producing 'Girlie' gowns for birth because, as she says, 'your delivery should be girly and not grungy'. These gowns have the exact same cut and embarassing open flaps at the back as the standard hospital gowns:

"The top half of the back is open (got to be accessible for that epidural, right?)"

Is an open flap for an epidural really a selling point? I'm not EVEN going to go there.

Nevertheless, they are charging $49(!) for a bloody piece of fabric that has polka dots and ribbon. Seriously!

If you were so concerned about wearing a hospital gown, wouldn't you choose to not wear one at all? Or to wear your own clothes? Why would you participate in such a ridiculous hospital ritual by having a friggin monogrammed gown?

Having a baby is one of the few times in a woman's life when she shouldn't have to worry about how she looks.

Birth is not an event in which women need another reason to buy a new outfit.

Source: www.girliegowns.com


Anonymous said...

What about Dear Johnnies and BYOG? Dear Johnnies is the one that made JLo's. I don't see anything wrong with a mother who wants to wear something special having options.

Anonymous said...

Well it sounds like the gown isn't just like the hospital ones if its only open at the top of the back. Its my bum I don't want sticking out - I'll take the epidural on arrival thanks (and feel empowered by doing so).

OK I wouldn't spend the money on this but I don't see any reason to knock it. Mums spend cash on crappier things every day of the week - wipes warmers anyone? wee blockers? bikini wax 2 days before EDD? We're people, if we can afford it we can buy stuff we don't really need if we want to.

Would you say men shouldn't buy their overpriced gear with their footy team emblazoned on it just because any other hat/scarf/sweater/shirt would be just as good and half the price? Waste of money - sure. Entited to buy it - absolutely!

Who passed the rule that mothers had to be sensible about buying stuff?

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