18 February 2008

Christina A opens up about being opened up

In the latest edition of Hello! Christina Aguilera talks about having an elective caesar because she was too scared to give birth vaginally. She says:

"I'd heard horror stories about tearing. I really wanted a calm and peaceful environment. I didn't want any surprises."

Uh huh. Calm and peaceful is pretty easy when you can't feel the lower half of your body and there is a big screen shielding you from the view of your own body splayed open. Sure, squeezing a big baby from a tiny opening and tearing is no walk in the park, but one wonders why the thought of having one's abdominal muscles cut in half isn't viewed as a far more horrifying prospect?


Amanda said...

I would be petrified at the idea of having my belly sliced open. If there was no alternative and I had to undergo a Caesar for the sake of the baby's health, then I would. But an elective Caesar? No way known.

Women's bodies are made to bear children, I don't see what's so frightening about that. A relatively small amount of torn skin heals easier than several layers of muscle, fat, skin and sinew, you would think.

Anonymous said...

thought this might be of interest on this topic. an interesting US study came out recently tracking (increased) rates of c-sections and $$$ involved. in a nutshell...


"Increasingly, however, the procedure is performed during births that would otherwise have been normal."

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