27 February 2008

Team Jolie v. Team Aniston

It was only a matter of time. As soon as Angelina stepped out looking as though she had swallowed a basketball this week, the Jolie v. Aniston media battle was on again.

No longer are we interested in any of Jolie's career achievements or even her partnership with the hottest man on Earth. Angelina is a reproducer and her children are the jewels in her celebrity crown. Not only does Ange have the kids, she's also got a man.

And Jen? Apparently she's got nothing (babies or a man). Jen's womb (and her heart) are eternally barren. Today the headlines are blazing with claims that Jen decided to freeze her eggs 'in a bid to beat the biological clock'.

So bitter is the war between women, Jolie reportedly pulled out of her appearance at the Oscars so as not to meet face-to-face with the woman who so 'desperately' wants to have children (that's Aniston).
I find it so infuriating that being a mother (or not) is used so often as the sole criterion of successful femininity. Jennifer Aniston has accomplished so much in her career and has more money than God, to boot. Jolie is succesful as well and while kids are great, they don't 'make' a woman. Jolie is almost always portrayed as the 'better' woman who has 'got it all' whereas Jen is just a desperate, barren freakshow still pining over Brad.

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