12 February 2008

Posh's post-baby belly

Poor Posh (no, seriously!).

A brief body history:

Felt like she was too fat when she was a Spice Girl. Lost alot of weight. Alot. Became Queen Bee of Disordered Eating. Met David Beckham. Got pregnant x 2. Barely gained any weight. Lost whatever weight she gained and then some with the help of planned caesareans, possible lipsosuction and diet of prawns and ice cubes. Her anorectic chic has become her one and only career highlight.

Now it seems that The Daily Mail thinks that old Posh is getting 'saggy' after being snapped wearing a crop top:

"Her grey cropped T-shirt, complete with a sheer gauze layer, showed a distinct crease just above the waistband of her matching pencil skirt."

Did the author of this article forget that everyone complains that she's too thin? Now because her abdominal muscles are piercing through her skin looking like a 'crease' she is accused of being too 'saggy' because of her pregnancy. What's worse is that the author of the article blames Posh for knowingly exposing her stomach when she herself has said she 'hates' her stomach:
"The 33-year-old singer and mother of three has complained in the past that she looks "really awful naked". She has also spoken of the toll pregnancy has taken on her shape. "There are loads of things I don't like about my body," she said. "I've got so much saggy skin on my stomach."
Victoria Beckham has no fat on her body. I find it so incredibly offensive that not only are women's body parts honed in on and scrutinised without their consent, but that Beckham's supposed failure to have a perfect stomach is blamed on her pregnancy.
Give me a f^%#ing break.

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River Eden Doula said...

When I first saw that picture, I thought you were going to say that "fat crease" (whatever!) was her C-section scar, but then I realized it was a bit too high up. It does kind of look like one. I love your blog, btw, very entertaining.

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