17 June 2008

Breast is best in public?

Headline: Mothers win the right to breastfeed in all public places

It's a pretty sad day when a 'victory' for mothers in the UK is that they can breastfeed in public without being charged with public indecency. The move comes in response to data showing Britain has the lowest rate of breastfeeding in Europe.

Interesting that this happy development comes at exactly the same time as UK mother, Stella Onions is castigated for breastfeeding her 5 and 3 yr old children. Stella has been making the news around the world for advocating extended breastfeeding but responses, especially in Australia, tend to be that this poor woman is a 'freak' and her kids are going to have identity issues for the rest of their lives.

Sources: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1026604/Mothers-win-right-breastfeed-public-places.html

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