17 June 2008

The end of homebirth in America?

Well, it seems despite all of the momentum for homebirth generated by Ricki Lake is on the out in the US. The American Medical Association (AMA) adopted a resolution last weekend at their annual meeting to OUTLAW homebirth. In effect, the resolution would force American women to give birth in hospitals, again suggesting that midwives just aren't good enough compared to doctors. It's not yet clear how women would be penalised (or how anyone would find out?) if they have homebirths, however, this aggressive move is a sign of clear and present danger for the maternity system in America. As one of the largest profit generating sectors of American hospitals, ob/gyns are not willing to give up any of their cash. Similarly, the AMA is pushing for midwives to only be able to practice in hospitals under direct supervision of a doctor.

So much for constitutional rights.

Source: http://www.rhrealitycheck.org/blog/2008/06/16/bad-medicine-ama-seeks-to-outlaw-home-births


Anonymous said...

This isn't the end of homebirth! This resolution is a sign that there is real momentum to the awareness of homebirth and CNMs as a maternity care choice. The doctors are scared that they really will start losing patients to midwives--both to CNMs in hospitals and to homebirths--when the American public begins to take notice of the abuses of women and babies that are taking place in obstetric care all over our country. It's telling that their lone criteria of success is that women and babies survive birth, because they fail at every other measure of success--maternal satisfaction, maternal and infant morbidity, and the number of optimal outcomes.

~L~ said...

I think it's a tad dramatic to say that homebirth is on the way out. AMA is an association of medical doctors. This is [i]their[/i] resolution, within their organization, stating that they will attempt to lobby congress to outlaw homebirth.

They are just one of several physician organizations, not a governmental body.

Laura Shanley said...

I honestly feel we have nothing to fear from the AMA. They are not as powerful as they think. American women (and men) are not simply going to roll over and allow these laws to pass. If the AMA moves forward with this (which they most likely will), they will bring massive attention to the homebirth movement (so thanks, AMA!). Women who had never considered having a homebirth will suddenly take notice. And even those who don't choose homebirth for themselves will stand up for those of us who DO. No organization has the right to take away our freedom. I cannot speak for other women but personally I know I will never back down. My body, my baby, my birth.

Anonymous said...

A constitutional right to homebirth? Are you kidding? Where exactly? Not even the Americans are that crazy and I live there.

I think anyone who wants a homebirth should have one. It is pure darwinism. If your mother was stupid enough to think she is smarter than 100 years of scientific development then you probably weren't going to be that bright either. Better off for society if you don't make it. More chance of that if you are born at home. End of story.

Homebirths will die out in a few more generations after those who wanted them have killed their children.

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