30 June 2008

Mylene: that white bikini and feeling fat

So Mylene Klass has appeared three times in that white bikini everyone knows:

1) In 2006 when she was standing under the waterfall in I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here

2) In 2007 when she was pregnant, appearing in an ad for Marks and Spencer

3) A third time, 3 months after she gave birth last year (in photo at left), again for Marks and Spencer.

Mylene recently revealed she was pretty traumatised by having to wear that bikini postpartum seeing as she was surrounded by uber-thin models. She says:

“I’m only 5ft 5ins and I had a bit of a tummy. I felt small and podgy.”

She said: “I said to them ‘You do realize I just had a baby three months ago?’

“It was really difficult for me to overcome my issues so soon after giving birth.”

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1030268/Myleene-confesses-I-felt-fat-THAT-bikini.html

1 comment:

Cherryskin said...

Well. Mylene had every reason to be traumatised. Despite her gruesomely ugly, fat, short physique, someone forced her to pose half naked for the world to see it all. The things some women have to endure -- Amnesty International need to get onto this NOW.

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