27 June 2008

Preserve that perineum.

According to the sensitive journos over at Psychology Today, apparently "childbirth can wreak havoc on a couple's intimate relations". So great is the toll on a couple's sex life, an entire article has been devoted to encouraged pregnant women to consider their postnatal sex lives when choosing a childbirth method. Considering my last post about caesars in Canada, interestingly this article cites a 2005 Canadian study noting that women who have caesars report less sexual dissatisfaction three months postpartum in comparison to women who have vaginal births. It looks like the difference comes down to episiotomy; women who have them report more painful sexual experiences. The tables turn, however, if women have unscathed perineums. In that case, women who give birth vaginally report less pain than women who have caesars.

What do you think? Were you worried about post-baby sex following a vaginal or caesarean birth?

Source: http://www.psychologytoday.com/rss/pto-20080604-000001.html


canape said...

I was a little worried about it - so when the doctor announced that he was about to do an episiotomy, I stopped mid-push and told him not to. I took my chances and came out alright in the end.

Cherryskin said...

Well the doctor didn't have time to do an episiotomy on me because I "just popped" (yeah...every bit as nice as it sounds). Three layers of stitches, four-and-a-half years, and another baby later (with another lot of stitches, though not as many) and I am fine! It did take me a few months each time to get back to "normal" (although presumably due to hormones, normal changed anyway) and now I am fine.
I was scared about it before birth -- probably more scared than of anything else, really (and justifiably so because everything else was perfectly fine) and the fear even held back my pushing during my first labour, which of course wouldn't have helped things as I was "tense" down there.
I guess I am just confirming that this was the biggest "problem" for me in my labours (particularly first). But it didn't stop me LOVING the experience of both my labours. I couldn't wait for my second labour!

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