25 June 2008

White bikinis and what not

Welcome to my 400th post.

Moving right along. So it seems I've lost someof my loyal readers...I know, I know. As I keep telling you, I have this PhD thesis (blah blah blah) which is due so soon I'm already feeling Braxton-Hicks with every edit. My posting is not what it used to be but in some ways I haven't found much that I have wanted to write about lately. Like you, I get sick of reading about celebrities constantly so I've been having a mini-holiday from reading or thinking about Nicole Kidman. Things have been moving very rapidly on this end with plans to take this old Baby Bump Project to the next level. There is a book in the works and plans for an exhibition here in Melbourne.

Anyway, for those of you that are still listening. It seems Minnie Driver has come out into the sunshine at 7 months pregnant and of course, she is being slagged by the media for apparently being 'too pasty'. Most of the British tabs are saying she looks ENORMOUS however I laughed when I saw that the Sun was praising Driver for looking like a 'real woman' in comparison to other celebs:

"These snaps of MINNIE DRIVER show real girl power, as the mum-to-be bares her bod on the beach while heavily pregnant."

If you actually look at Minnie, she's bloody thin. Not in a scary thin kind of way but seriously, her belly is not ENORMOUS and she certainly doesn't look like a baby mammoth like everyone says. Unfortunately, the snap that's being sent around is of her in a white bikini and for my Brit readers, you will know straight away that Mylene Klass made the white bikini famous both in pregnancy and out of pregnancy for Marks & Spencer. Sure, Mylene is all made up and looking fabulous but if you read Mylene's book (which I have written about) she says pregnancy looked alot easier for her than it actually was. Why is it that 'real' women are 'fat'?


Julia said...

I'm still reading. :) And I'm very proud to report that I had my son on April 1st of this year and then successfully defended my doctoral dissertation just last week. I know how tough it is at the end and I wish you luck! You're almost done!

canape said...

You haven't lost this reader, I just tend to lurk.

I really enjoy your blog!

Cherryskin said...

Because the media only show us images of seriously skinny women. We have been, and continue to be, brainwashed.
I don't know much about it, but I do know when I happened to see a Dolly magazine from the 80s recently I could not believe the size of girls/women they had in it, in ads! They looked *fat* compared to what you see now, and their legs were short, and their skin was bad. Of course, really they looked pretty great, but I had to actively switch my thinking from "magazine" terms to real life terms to see it.
Minnie Driver looks pretty damn good, and nowhere near as huge as my belly got towards the end!

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