26 June 2008

More bikinis: J.Lo post-baby

The interwebs is abuzz with new photos of Jennifer Lopez in a bikini 4 months post-babies. Aside from the issue of her body (very much 'bounced back'), I am totally creeped out by the fact that some websites have more than 30 photos of Jennifer and Marc Anthony spending time with their babies in Spain. Neither of them were aware of the photos being taken and it's all a bit too voyeuristic for me. I feel like a perv looking at these photos.

See for yourself: http://popsugar.com/1736125

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Amanda said...

Poor bastards... I actually gained quite a bit of respect for Jennifer Lopez over the past couple of years for the way she seemed to make a conscious decision to refrain from 'feeding' the media and to concentrate on the health of her private life.

Guess when you have a baby as a celebrity, no matter how hard you try to stay out of the spotlight you haven't got a hope.

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