17 September 2008

IVF: pregnancy waiting to happen

Gotta love a little media spin. 2 article about IVF on the same day using the same stats with very different arguments:

Headline: Celebrities give false hope to IVF mums
In this story, the Daily Telegraph claims that only 2% of women over 45 become pregnant successfully through IVF.

"Despite the increase in success rates in women over 40, the majority (over 40) who come for IVF treatment go away without a baby," he said.

Headline: IVF boost for women in their 40s
In this article, women in their 40s have apparently 'doubled' their success rate with IVF over the last 2 years. One doctor is quoted as saying the success rate now amounted to, "a realistic chance" for older women, particularly those aged 40 or 41."

Of course, both articles conclude that IVF is not an 'insurance policy' for women who wait too long. *sigh*

Sources: http://www.news.com.au/dailytelegraph/story/0,22049,24359180-5005941,00.html

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