15 September 2008

Sexy maternity lingerie: yawn?

New maternity lingerie just hitting stores called Cake. Not very inventive. The gals at Hot Milk have been doing this for awhile now. What annoys me the most is that women are supposed to feel 'empowered' by looking at images of sexed up preggos. I don't know about you, but I think this kind of sexualisation of women's bodies is just as problematic as it is for non-pregnant women. I'm not sure why maternity lingerie has gotten so hypersexualised. It almost feels like designers are obsessed with compensating for the fact that pregnant women have been asexualised for so long that now they are oversexualising them as if to force 'sexy' down our throats. Besides, the women in these types of catalogue images only reinforce the notion that pregnancy is attractive on certain women as long as their bellies are appropriately contained, tight and seemingly not 'fat'.


Source: www.cakelingerie.com


P.B. said...

Honestly, I'd rather see those, than see the poor pregnant women squeezing themselves into ill-fitting "sexy" lingerie, which is pretty much all you can find if that's what you're looking for. I want to feel sexy while pregnant. big maternity panties and nursing bras don't really cut it.

Tracey (Cake Lingerie) said...

Dear Meredith,

It is certainly not my intention to sexualise women. Cake Lingerie was created after my own experience. Being in my early 30's and pregnant for the first time, I couldn't find any maternity/nursing lingerie that made me feel pretty and feminine. All that was available was big, padded, mechanical. Cake is about giving women choice and celebrating the pregnant form. The product itself was designed with femininity, elegance & mainstream lingerie as inspiration to make women feel good about themselves and hopefully breast-feed for longer...

The website itself for those who are interested is www.cakelingerie.com.au

Hotmilk at Breastmates said...

I dont like the images much at all in the Cake lingerie photos. It doesnt really make the lingerie appeal to me, and I dont see myself wearing it.

Hotmilk have a new range out, with gorgeous new imagery which is very appealing. Not sexualised at all, just comfortable preggie-ness.

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