23 September 2008

Paltrow: off my list!

Gwyneth. What's happened? I thought we had an understanding. You were one of the only 'normal' celebrities left.

Looks like Oprah now has some competition for 'world's biggest narcissist'.

Gwyneth Paltrow has launched her own 'lifestyle' website which is basically a template for how to be like....her! Just when you thought she couldn't get more pretentious, she's named the site 'GOOP: nourish the inner aspect'. First of all what the heck is 'GOOP'?

She claims on the only fully finished page of the site that she wants you to invest in a 'real' life....

I say her life is 'good' because she is Gwyneth-frickin-Paltrow and she has lots of money to make it 'good'.

Seriously wtf?!

Check it: www.goop.com

1 comment:

Amanda said...

I used to think Gwyneth was kinda cool too, but I must admit she dropped of my Celebrities Who Are Normal list way back when she named her daughter after a piece of fruit.

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