24 September 2008

Weight-lifting for two?

The Daily Mail is shocked that British mum-to-be Sarah Jane Cousins is still lifting weights just 11 days before her she is due to give birth:

'I feel fantastic. I have no stretch marks and have kept my blood pressure where it should be. I haven't put on much fat, my muscles have stayed strong and I always feel so much better after going to the gym. My midwife is really pleased with how healthy I am.'

Women are not supposed to gain too much weight when they are pregnant but of course they have to gain some weight. You are supposed to exercise but not too much. Women can never women. This woman is exercising with a personal trainer and her midwife is happy with her health. Why shouldn't she continue to train? It annoys me that pregnant women who do look after themselves are made spectacles simply because they are breaking the mould.


Source: http://tinyurl.com/4lnyj5


Amanda said...

I would have thought weightlifting was one of the better exercise choices you could make when pregnant. It's low impact, so puts no additional pressure on stressed joints, like walking, jogging or aerobics could. As long as she is only lifting moderate weights and nothing she has to strain for, I don't see the harm. Good on her for trying to keep herself fit and healthy - she will probably be glad of it when she gives birth, and especially once the baby arrives.

AvoidTheRedShoes said...

I say good for her! Getting through regular workouts is great preparation for getting through labor. I can't see why anyone would be raising eyebrows. What pregnant woman wouldn't benefit from building strength and endurance? Avoiding stretch marks and a sagging bottom aren't bad perks, either. And in my opinion, she deserves these vanity perks because she's committed to a routine that's good for her and her baby.

Shantay said...

We are transfering a little 'bean' on the 13th. I currently have been a participate in 3 exercise 12 week challenges. So I am use to working out and I enjoy it. It is great to hear it is still recommended!

I have a blog if you want to follow it. *smiles*

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