09 September 2008

Men: missing all logic and reason

In the immortal words of Jennifer Aniston as she spoke of her philandering ex-husband Brad Pitt, it seems that Jerry O'Connell (hubby to Rebecca Romijn) is missing a 'sensitivity chip'.

O'Connell went on Conan O'Brien on Friday to say that Rebecca was 'huge' and that he told her this regularly. Right. Well, twins will do that to a gal.

He's now issued an public apology:

"I regret calling my wife 'huge. I meant to say that there are specific areas of my wife that are larger than normal and growing every day. All other portions of my wife are quite petite. I apologize to her and will be coming home with flowers."

A dozen roses per baby?

Totally off topic: No photos of Rebecca Romijn have surfaced as yet. Interesting.

Source: http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20224278,00.htm

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Cherryskin said...

Well, I am inclined to say "get over it"! Maybe I am missing a sensitivity chip.

I felt huge when I was pg, but I also felt fine about it, in fact, I was pretty impressed with what my body did. I can only imagine how huge I'd have felt if I had been pg with twins!

I reckon pg women should be proud of their hugeness. It's awesome.

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