17 February 2009

Brangelina trying to make it seven

According to new reports (from highly reliable *cough* sources), Angelina Jolie is already trying for baby number 7.


Angie is doing everything she can to get pregnant,” a source close to the actress tells OK!.

“She’s taking prenatal vitamins, has dramatically cut down on her junk-food consumption, and is seeing her obstetrician regularly whenever she’s back in L.A.”

I don't know if seven children at different ages is necessarily better than octuplets? Still a case of too many children if you ask me.

Source: http://www.ok.co.uk/okusa/view/7287/Angelina-s-baby-diet/


Olivia said...

Seven is way more than I would ever want. What I find more puzzling is that the the last two are less than a year old. I don't know why a woman wouldn't want to wait a year or two before trying to get pregnant again.

Anonymous said...

Are you crazy? 7 of different ages is completely different than octuplets. Older children are much more independent. They don't need (and don't want) you attention 100% of the time. Not to mention she has help, and plenty of resources. But 8 helpless newborn babies? That's not natural, we were not made to be capable of that.

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