11 February 2009

Hello, I'm in labour.

I'm still trying to understand the appeal of Twitter. Micro-updating, however, thanks to Facebook and other technological annoyances that come with this postmodern life is here to stay. Just this week rapper Erykah Badu and her partner twittered her labour and birth. Her last tweet before handing over the updating to her partner, Jay Electronica was "contractions are 3 min. apart..... breathing". Hours after her daughter was born, she wrote "I can't believe it's over. Home birth, no painkillers, about five hours, she was a little past due date, but I didn't mind waiting. Breath."

Badu isn't the first woman to tweet her birth. Back in August, one woman in Denver twittered her way through labour and was made fun of on a number of websites including Gawker: http://twitter.com/ginnycase/statuses/900727494.

Another woman used to Tumblr to describe her experience of abortion:

Is this the way of the future or a case of too much information?

Sources: http://www.rhrealitycheck.org/blog/2009/02/05/my-body-my-tweets

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