25 February 2009

Hide your hooters with an enthusiastically patterned bib

Bebe au Lait (also known as Hooter Hiders) for 'discrete nursing': What do we think?

Source: http://shop.bebeaulait.com/shop/originals/sevilla


Cherryskin said...

I think we should be feeding in public without having to resort to fabric contraptions to hide our shame.

But maybe one step at a time -- first, get us out of those stinking nappy-change-rooms.

Olivia said...

Depending on the weather it could be hot for baby, and it probably draws more attention than nursing without.

Anonymous said...

I'm very much an advocate of breastfeeding in public though I think we need to remember that there is more than modesty as a reason for a cover: little ones can get easily distracted in public. Having milk stains allover your clothes because baby kept looking around is not fun.

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