19 February 2009

Naomi Watts: on breastfeeding

On Ellen the other day, Naomi Watts mentioned that her partner Liev Schrieber was having a little breastfeeding envy:

"He does take care of Sasha [their nickname for Alexander] in the night, but he can't do Sammy because I'm breastfeeding," she says. "Although with the first one, he was like, 'I want the man boob.'"She added: "You can get those things. You can attach them and they feed through a tube!"

Any of your male partners out there feeling the same way? Has anyone used those man boob things?

Source: http://www.usmagazine.com/news/naomi-watts-liev-schreiber-wants-breastfeed

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Helen said...

Naomi looks so great. I read here (http://www.projectweightloss.com) about the diet and workout routine she followed to lose so much of that baby weight and, wow, no wonder she recuperated so fast.

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