24 February 2009

Letters! We get letters! Stacks, stacks, stacks of letters!

I love getting nice emails:

"I always felt really good about being a mother even though my body had changed and I did want to lose a little weight. I started to have ladies around me that either had no children and still had the great body or that by crash dieting they became skinny very quickly after birth. At first it had very little effect on my additude about being a mother, but it seemed that they bought into the whole "I look better than you and I am winning some weird contest "thing and eventually I had severe problems ( still do) with celebrities and the flaunting of their million dollars spent on the perfect body. Now everytime I see them I am disgusted and envious because of how my friends acted and how the tv warps your way of thinking about how life works. Even though I lost all the weight (too much got to 105 and I am 5'4") I did do it in a pretty healthy fashion, lots of excercise and well balanced nutritional diet ( unlike some people) I still wanted to have flawless skin and great breasts. I even considered after two girls to never anymore children and when I did decide to try for a boy (now soon to have another child) I decided that breast feeding would only increase the damage and that one day I would fix those and the ugly stretch marks with breast surgery and laser surgery!! Now that I only have 1 month of pregnancy to go and I have a wonderful family which includes my very supportive husband, I am considering breast feeding because I did so well before and once you are a mother, giving that up is only going to hurt the child not improve your breasts!! I now realize how ridiculous I have been by reading your blogs about celebrities and their unrealistic opinions of what the female's body is "supposed to look like", There IS NO SUCH THING!! thank you for the website and best wishes to other mothers who are always beating theirselves up to look perfect."

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