15 February 2009

Motherhood and ballet do mix

I've written about pregnant ballet dancers before but would you ever believe that the Australian Ballet has introduced one of the country's most flexible family/maternity leave policies?

As pregnancy can be the ultimate career-ender for dancers, the Australian Ballet has introduced 14 weeks post-natal paid leave; leave for fathers, flexible safe duties for pregnant dancers, the opportunity for families to travel and stay together on tour, assistance with air fares and accommodation, and support in maintaining peak fitness in preparation for a return to their previous dancing roles.

Now Australian ballerinas do not have to worry as much about choosing between motherhood and dancing. This is great news considering most dancers leave at the peak of their careers in order to have families.

Source: http://www.theage.com.au/national/ballet-dancers-keep-in-step-with-family-life-20090214-87q2.html?page=1

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Spr0ut said...

How wonderful.

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