27 February 2009

Octuplet mum a pregnancy addict?

“I loathe pregnancy. I hate it more than anything else in the world,” Nadya Suleman told Dr. Phil on her continuing tour de media.

For a woman who is now in the possession of 14 young children, it is hard to believe that someone would choose to endure the physical hardships of pregnancy if they hated it that much. There has been some speculation that Suleman is 'addicted' to pregnancy, although there is no known condition. Rather, some experts have been suggesting that Suleman is in denial about her ability to parent these children appropriately when in fact, the reality is that she will need her own entourage to manage her brood. Dr. Drew Pinsky, best known for his love advice on MTV, but whom also is a psychiatrist and a parent of triplets himself, told Matt Lauer on Today that the situation that Suleman has found herself in is actually far more grave than has been reported:

"It’s not mere speculation, but a matter of life and death...With octuplets, you have to have six or seven people going 24/7 in order to prevent, frankly, the death of one of these children. It’s a really serious issue."

Source: http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/29405752/

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