08 April 2007

and another thing..

Yeah, and just how freaking responsible is it for this ridiculous show to say that 'Breastfeeding wrecked my boobs'?...After all of the hard work that lactation organisations do in trying to promote breastfeeding as a positive and healthy experience, network television has to mess it all up. Sure, breastfeeding is not the most positive experience for all women (obviously) but the suggestion that even the idea of feeding a child should turn someone off of parenthood is such an unbelievably irresponsible notion to plant into women's minds. This is why America and Australia have such high caesarean rates, for example. Popular culture paints a pretty nasty picture of pregnancy, birth and motherhood masked by weak attempts at humour but so powerful that young women actually start to believe it. I dont think we can take popular culture seriously enough! The media is extremely important for the fashioning of our cultural ideals.
I was perving on some clips of the show on You Tube (just type in 'Notes from the Underbelly' and you can find them all) and found this abhorrent and thoroughly annoying boob clip which I felt compelled to share.

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