30 April 2007

tori talks post-baby bumps

Tori Spelling was on Jimmy Kimmel the other night promoting her new show and also talking about new motherhood. She mentioned a few interesting bits about breastfeeding (yay!) and also about a run at a supermarket with a woman who thought she was still pregnant:

I was in the market last week and some woman approached me, 'TORI!' so I was like, 'Hi!' and she said, 'The baby!,' and I was like, 'Oh yeah,' thinking he had been on the cover of Us Magazine, and she walked up and said, 'Can I touch him?' and grabbed my belly. And then it got worse. I was like, "Oh no no, he was born 5 weeks ago!' and she goes, 'OH! You still have the belly.' I said, 'Yeah, I'm feeling good.' And she's like, 'Don't worry, it will go away - well I mean mine hasn't yet and my kid's 18, but...(shrugs shoulders).

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