27 April 2007

tori spelling's weight 'battle'

Poor Tori. Just after she's spent nine months creating new life, already people are talking about how fast she will drop the 40 pounds she 'packed on' (as if she is a footy player?!) over the pregnancy.

'Tori was dismayed to discover that after giving birth, the weight she gained during her pregnancy didn't just disappear. It wasn't water retention, as she wishfully hoped. So, being a take-charge kind of gal, she searched out a weight-loss program that would work for her and taste good -- yet also be safe while she is nursing the baby -- and discovered that NutriSystem® would fulfill her needs while fitting into her busy lifestyle, especially since the food is delivered directly to her door.'

It must be nice to have food delivered to your door....

You can read the whole story here and watch a video as well:

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