21 April 2007

Kasey, 11 weeks

A great email from Kasey:

this is my second pregnancy I am 28. son is 4 and a half. Worked as exotic dancer for 7 years . worked till 3 months preg. put on 28kg. back at work 7 months after baby. still 12 kg heavier. men loved it. very feminine. i felt self concious. especially stretch marks on breasts. but i earnt well and provided a good quality of life for my son. Now 11 weeks preg. i am determined to limit weight gain through organic bio dynamic food and regular exercise as i am still 8 kg over original pre baby weight. My son was healthy 9pd and was crawling at 5 half moths walking at 7 half months. I ate a huge variety of foods to ensure i covered all nutrient needs but packed on the weight accordingly. All my friends are skinny while preg and after, but their babies are very slow developmentally. not walking or talking until 2 plus. i would rather eat a wholesome diet for my childs nutritional needs than jeopordise their development because of food restrictions related to vanity. 9 mon! ths on 9 months off. You cant compare a real human to heidi klum or angelina jolie. Jolie never looks happy anymore and is too slim. Hollywood actors are not viable archetypes for motherhood.

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