18 April 2007


Well, the Today show was a hit and I hope some of you had a chance to see my spot. The show put up a really great article about the research:

I'll hopefully have some video to post soon. For any new readers, I invite you to send me photos of yourself pregnant and post-baby in order to celebrate what 'real' mothers look like. I'll post them on the blog so we can share and compare (and not be judgmental!). If you would like to share your own experiences of having a 'bump' with other mums-to-be and mums-already, email your story to me on babybumpproject[at]yahoo.com.au and I will post your message for others mums to read and learn.

Feel free to include any handy hints for coping with the pressure (body or otherwise). Make sure to include images of your bump or your body during pregnancy or postbaby so we can all share in how everyday mums look and feel. If you have a Flickr account, join our group The Baby Bump Project and post yourself in the Bump Gallery (otherwise send me your images and I can post them for you).

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Linda said...

I am 18 weeks pregnant with my 4th (OMG) child. at 28 I still feel as though I qualify for a young mum with 3 daughters (6,5 and 3) but I do get some comments!!

I gained considerable weight with my 1st three pregnancies leaving me 20kg overweight after #3. I managed to successfully lose 15 of those last year much to my delight. Anyway I am pregnant again and being my 4th Child I was showing as early as 10 weeks, the problem being that it made me look fat again! I am very active and honestly knew I was pregnant so wasnt concerned. Now at 18 weeks I am looking wonderfully pregnant. Mind you a lot more pregnant looking than I am but who cares. I am proud of the bump and never hide it under baggy clothes, so my bum is a little bigger, my arms and legs arent quite as toned but I love the way I look now, more so than when I am not pregnant (I have an excuse for that belly now :) ) I love being pregnant, love looking pregnant and my husband thinks I am stunning now too ( He always thinks I am stunning but seems quite turned on when I am with child) I fell proud and love showing it all off.

Yes I dont want to gain toomuch weigth but aside from eating well (we will skip easter there) , maintaining my 7k/day walking (kids to and from school) and dancing regularly (I'm a belly dancer) there isnt much more I can do so bring on those Kilo's, I'm ready to embrace them.

Once bubba is born though, and the breastfeeding weight starts to pile on is another matter all together.......!

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