21 April 2007

Bree, 22 years

Hi, I know I don't qualify for your research but I just wanted to say how much I relate to what You are talkin about. I'm a young mum (22 for first bub). I tried for the whole of my pregnancy not to put on weight because of what people might think. I never felt free to just enjoy it (enjoy the excuse to eat chocolate etc). After my baby girl was born I spent the next 12 months losing weight. I have now reached my goal weight (lost 20kgs), which makes me smaller than before I was pregnant. But, my husband and I are talking about another baby. My biggest issue with it is the weight... but no one else seems to understand why it such a big deal! Thanks for making this public!


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Krystal said...

I'm not sure if Bree will get this, but I ust wanted to say that I understand where you are coming from. I had my first at 22 (she is now 17 months) and am now with my second, due beginning of september.
I was hesitant to get pregnant again because after all the excess weight I put with my first, I finally managed to drop it off. Then I found out we were expecting. It was mixed emotions at the time, but with the help of hubby I am maintaining a little exercise (high risk pregnancy) and trying to watch what I eat. The thing that sticks with me that I'm told (and it helps) is that I did it once, I can do it again. And now, slowly, I am believing it. I know the struggle that that is had trying to lose it, and that people may thnk it's vain, but it is hard..
Once again, I don't know if Bree read's this, but I hope it helps.

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