01 July 2008

Gwyn Paltrow: off the list!

Oh man. Gwyneth used to be on my 'celebrities who appear to be down-to-earth' list until I caught a preview of the latest issue of American Bazaar on my favourite fem/media website Jezebel. Anyway, in a feature on 'Beauty at Every Age', the normally self-deprecating mum of two is quoted as saying in the photo above:
"I don't want to look like a mother who doesn't care."
Well Gwyn, the mothers of the world out there who 'don't care' about how they look would like to clear a few things up:
How many stylists did it take to get you all spruced up for this photo shoot? Do you normally wear 5 inch stilettos when you are playing with your kids? Since when did sequins become daywear?
And another thing. I assume you also normally wear trousers because, girlfriend, that is not a dress.
I vaguely remember you mentioning that in order to look like that (you know, like you care) you spent hours and hours with Madonna's trainer kicking your arse into gear before your last movie, Iron Man, premiered. I think you also mentioned how you had to start 'listening to your body' because living on macrobiotic food isn't fun for anyone.
So Gwyn. Here's the thing. You're a hypocrite. You complain about celebrities being held to unreasonable standards as mothers (especially when it comes to the size of your bodies) and yet, you have, in one linguistic sting, merely reinforced that same awful proposition that mothers are only 'good' enough when they look fabulous at all costs. Kids don't care what outfits their mothers are wearing.
Sequins or tracky-daks, mate, it's love that counts.


Cherryskin said...

I guess it depends what she's referring to when she says "cares". About what?
I reckon I care about as much as a mother can possibly care, and I can be found in trakky dacks about six-and-a-half days out of seven (I go to work half a day a week).

canape said...

That needed a "spit warning." I've got to go clean off my screen now.

Trousers indeed.

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