06 January 2009

Maternity leave = fewer caesars and better breastfeeding

In case the Australian and US governments need another to institute paid maternity leave: two new studies have shown the health benefits of maternity leave for both mother and baby.

One of the reports found that women who started their maternity leave in the last month of their pregnancy were less likely to have caesarean deliveries, while the second found that new mothers were more likely to establish breast-feeding the longer they stayed out of work.

A report published in Women's Health Issues found women who took leave before they gave birth were almost four times less likely to have a primary caesarean section as women who worked through to delivery.

The second report published in Pediatrics found that women who took less than six weeks of maternity leave had a four-fold greater risk of failure to establish breastfeeding, while women who took six to 12 weeks of maternity leave had a two-fold greater risk of failing to establish breastfeeding.,

Source: http://tinyurl.com/89c5qk

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