08 January 2009

Morning chicness makes me wanna hurl


Everytime I see a stupid, completely pointless product for pregnant women, mothers or children I always think that there could be nothing more ridiculous than the product I am looking at.

Until today.

Apparently, yummy mummies not only can have designer diaper bags, luxury prams and expensive maternity gear, they can also have 'stylish morning sickness vomit bags'. The bags come in an array of 'beautiful, trendy' designs with unbearably annoying names such as 'Labour of love', 'Tickled pink' and 'Bambooboo'. For $7.50 you can get a pack of 10 designer bags so you will no longer be embarrassed to carry around your vomit in public.

Right. So as inconvenient as pregnancy sickness may be, I would think that puking in public is pretty horrible as it is and it doesn't matter what receptacle you use. I mean who really cares if your barf bag has bamboo and love hearts on it as opposed to an rubbish bag. It's going in the flipping rubbish bin anyway. At least when pregnant women use old bags that they have lying around they are 'recycling' in some way...wasting more paper and spending more money on bags specifically designed for puke is silly.

I think I'm gonna hurl.

Source: http://www.morningchicnessbags.com/


Anonymous said...

Definitely agree with the wanting to hurl over this. It's so ridiculous. I was so sick in my first trimester with my son that it was very rare to see me in public. I was usually wasting away (literally, since I could not eat) on the nursery floor just waiting to die while my daughter played nearby. Either that or puking over the toilet. The sight of one of those ridiculous barf bags would no doubt have sent me running back to the toilet. Having what feels like a combination of motion sickness and stomach flu for MONTHS is just not chic, no matter how many cute little barf bags you have. Yuck.

Cherryskin said...

The sad thing is, there'll be suckers out there who think their life will be better if they own a bamboo-printed puke bag.

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