03 January 2009

Orgasmic birth: an old (mid)wives tale?

Orgasmic Birth. That's the name of a new documentary in which women breathlessly recount their pleasure-filled childbirths and how much they enjoyed a really good push.

A scathing critique of the film appears in The Age: http://tinyurl.com/9yr9ek

I'm not going to comment on whether orgasms are possible during birth because I have no idea but I'm open to the idea. Has anyone experienced this? What do you think? An old (mid)wives tale?

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T.J. and Jen said...

I saw the film, and though I doubt that most, or even the 20% of women they claim, have orgasms, I would not discount that some women do.

Also, the title of the film is not very indicative of the movie's contents. The fact is that sex sells, and they sold that film by calling it Orgasmic Birth. Besides one birth they showed, most births appeared to be painful and difficult, but satisfying for the women and very empowering. That was the point of the film. Mostly they refered to "ecstatic birth" - which I took to mean birth viewed in a positive light, instead of a fearful one. Women met the challenge of childbirth, and were rewarded with a sense of accomplishment.

Regarding the article this post references, why is this woman dictating that women must feel pain, or they are just giving in to some other part of man's fantasy? There are as many birth stories as there are births - no two are alike.

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