03 January 2009

Reborns: dolls the new babies?

Considering my last post about text messages that remind you when to knock boots, for those women who can't be bothered with sex, pregnancy, birth or losing weight postpartum, one enterprising company has created the product for you.

Enter Reborn Baby Dolls, dolls that are 'made to look and feel like real babies'.

Uh huh.

"To add extra realism some babies have:
Beating Hearts, Breathing Mechanisms, Magnetic Pacifier / Dummy, Magnetic hair bows, belly plates, clothing and more...."

The scary thing? Some women treat these dolls like real babies. They talk to them, change their nappies, and some even have birthday parties for the dolls (plastic) and invite real (human) people over. A fake party with fake friends for your fake baby.

According to the ABC website, Linda says she feels like a mom now that she has reborns.

"I take them out to the park, if I'm walking the dog, and maybe put it in its stroller, or put it in its sling, or hold it in a blanket, and people do think it's real."

She even buys her dolls real baby clothes.

What bothers me about this is that buying a doll that has no way of reciprocating emotion or being sick or grumpy only gives women the 'good' bits about 'motherhood': a commodified, highly santised version of looking after a newborn. Moreover, the babies never grow up.

Owner of 36 dolls, Lachelle Moore said that she still feels the need for babies who'll never grow up.

"What's so wonderful about reborns is that they're forever babies," she said. "They don't give you any trouble. There's no college tuition, no dirty diapers. … Just the good part of motherhood."

Linda says it's better than having a "crazy habit" such as "drinking, or something that's going to hurt you."

I hate to be judgemental but I think girlfriend has had a few cups of crazy if she thinks that a doll is any substitution for a 'real' baby.

Source: http://www.stillmomentsnursery.com/store/page_3.html

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