09 January 2009

Totally Tori looks hot part 2

Tori Spelling is back in the news for finally kicking the 50lbs she gained in her second pregnancy. If you remember, she dropped the weight from her first pregnancy with Nutri-System in like 3 minutes flat:


Now, since Tori is like thisclose to signing on to a reprise her role on 90210, she is looking svelte once again. This time, however, her post-baby bounce back took 6 months. This time she was a bit more sensible and didn't try to lose the weight quickly and she didn't work out like a fanatic:

"Breakfast was yogurt, fruit and nuts. Lunch was homemade soup with a sweet potato or soy milk base. We'd snack on celery and peanut butter, and then I'd make lean protein with vegetables for dinner. For me to go to the gym and leave my kids doesn't make sense."

Good to see her setting a better example...

Source: http://www.fitsugar.com/2666512

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